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Accommodation in Japan

There are three types of accommodation you can choose from; Hotels, pensions and minshuku (a family-run private lodging where dinner and breakfast are served). The Japanese-style room has tatami, a kind of straw mat, futon, the Japanese style mattress, and the furo, the Japanese style bath. Some accommodations do have Western-style rooms as well.

Once you open the front door it's like entering home. Kirimaru-house offers affordable and comfortable condominiums daily, weekly or monthly in a lush Island-style setting just across from the front beach (maehama) and within walking distance ( 5 minutes ) to all the shops, restaurants, activities and harbour ( where the ship arrives) in the village of Ohmura in beautiful sub-tropical Chichijima Ogasawara.

Comfortable studios. The condominium-type room has a kitchen, fridge, air conditioning, color TV & video, bath/shower

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In the Heart of West Ohmura Village. Located on the opposite side of the road that divides the Maehama Beach Park from the Village. The Shops and Restaurants of West and East village are within a fifteen minutes walking distance away.

With a total of 5 rooms (4 Japanese - and 1 Western style) it is quiet but not small. An excellent place to spend while the slow hours of Bonin gently floating by.

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Marine House
Privacy with all comfort. The Maehama Swim and Snorkel Beach Park is literally a few steps away from your private deck terrace. The entrance of the house is on main street of Ohmura, so it's just between the shops, restaurants and the Beach Park. Ideal for couples or parents with children.

The Marine House has a kitchen, fridge, air conditioning, color TV, toilet, shower

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Hotel Horizon
A small island, a small hotel but with the comfort and service like any "big" hotel. Watch the beautiful sunset from the diningroom or outside terrace.

Just across the road and you are on Ohgiura Beach. Ideal for swimming or Sea Kayaking. Located halfway between Ohmura village and Kominato Beach

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Crescent Accommodation
Situated on a hill between Ohmura village and Miyanohama snorkel and swimming beach park. Both places are a fifteen minutes walking distance away. Rooms on ocean or mountain side.

Breakfast and dinner are served in our cozy diningroom on the first floor. There are Western-style rooms with toilet, shower,TV, phone and air conditioning and Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats and futon.

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Sakaiura Family
Maybe 10 minutes from Futani port where "Ogasawara Maru" arrives. At the top of slope, a little outside "down town" which is closer to the port on low land.

If you are a person who prefers enjoying the nature to going out for drink in the evening, you would like the place.

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